Northwest Iowa — Thanksgiving is coming up and the December holidays aren’t too far away. With people meeting up more, there are bound to be more people on the roads. And the more people that are on the roads, the more accidents there are.

That’s always bad news, but Iowa State Patrol Trooper Kevin Krull explains it’s especially bad this year, when we find our fatality numbers higher than normal.

Krull works out of Post 6 in Spencer. He says the fatality numbers are higher this year in our area too. Post 6 covers eight counties.

Krull tells us what officials think is causing the higher numbers.

Another thing Krull says people need to do is to avoid the knee-jerk reaction of whipping the wheel to the left if they happen to drop off onto the shoulder. He says to slow down first, then ease back onto the road. Another instinctive reaction is to veer if you see a deer. Krull says that’s also a bad idea. Brake, hard if you have to. And even if you hit the deer, you’re more likely to remain uninjured than if you were to veer for the deer and end up flying into the ditch at highway speed.

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