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Grassley: Biden To Blame For Record High Gas Prices

Statewide Iowa — It’s more expensive to fill our gas tanks in Iowa than ever before. Prices reached a record high in the state this Tuesday morning, topping a previous record that had stood since the recession 14 years ago.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican, places the blame on the Democrat in the White House.

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Triple-A-Iowa says the statewide average for gas is now $4.08 a gallon, beating the record of $4.02 that had stood since July of 2008. Grassley and his fellow Republicans blame Biden.

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Grassley also faults the Biden Administration for suspending federal funding for U.S. oil company projects in other countries.

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Grassley says the US. should return to relying on its own stores of fossil fuels as well as biofuels, not imports, which he says have taken the country from being energy independent to energy dependent.

Democrats who are competing for the chance to run against Grassley say fuel prices are rising across the globe due to Russia’s war in Ukraine. Abby Finkenauer, Mike Franken and Glenn Hurst all support President Biden’s recent move to allow E-15 sales nationwide this summer, a move Biden says can help reduce gas prices. Finkenauer has called for a federal gas tax holiday.

Triple-A says the national average for gas is $4.37 a gallon, while California has the most expensive average at $5.84. The motor club says diesel fuel hit a record high in Iowa on Monday, as well, reaching $5.31 a gallon.