Northwest Iowa — If you’re used to receiving your property tax statement about this time in August, you’ll have to wait a little.

It seems that due to a technical issue at the state level, there has been a delay in getting the statements out.

We talked to Missy Hattermann, who is the O’Brien County Treasurer, and she tells us what’s up.

She says the file has to do with business property tax credit.

But, Hattermann says the delay doesn’t mean people get an extension.

Hatterman says you should probably expect to receive your statement next week.

As usual, the first half of your property taxes are due in September, with the last half due in March. But if you like, you can pay all of your tax in September. As usual, you can pay in person at your county treasurer’s office, by mail, or online. If you pay in person or by mail, make sure the proper stub accompanies your payment. The online option will be available, but it may not be available yet. The site is Be advised, however, that there is a convenience fee for paying online, and that in past years the fee has been much smaller when paid online using your checking account than online using a credit card.

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