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RMT Presents “Cobot” To NCC Idea Lab

Sheldon, Iowa — Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon is the home of a new cobot robot, thanks to a donation made Tuesday morning by Sheldon manufacturer Rosenboom Machine and Tool. NCC held a ceremony in honor of the robot’s donation to the college.

During Tuesday morning’s presentation ceremony, NCC Dean of Applied Technology Steve Waldstein thanks RMT for their generous gift of the cobot.

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Incoming NCC President Dr. John Hartog expressed his appreciation for RMT’s cobot gift, as well as their ongoing partnership.

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Hartog spoke of the college’s collaboration with RMT.

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Jason Van Meeteren is an Assistant Plant Manager for Rosenboom Machine and Tool, and he said he’s excited to partner with NCC and to deliver this cobot to the college.

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A cobot, which is the term for a “collaborative robot”, is different from a normal industrial robot, which is isolated from human contact. A cobot is designed¬† for direct human-robot interaction, either within a shared space or in close proximity. The one donated by Rosenboom Machine and Tool will be used in NCC’s Idea Lab, and will give NCC students hands-on experience with high-technology, state-of-the-art robotic equipment.

Below is a video demonstration of the new NCC Cobot…..