Northwest Iowa — The Sioux Rivers Mental Health Region, which is headquartered in Orange City is no longer seeking a location for an access center.

Sioux Rivers CEO Shane Walter says that after Woodbury County left the Sioux Rivers region, the Sioux Rivers Crisis Center was suddenly located outside the region’s geographical borders, in Sioux City. With the expansion of Sioux Rivers Mental Health Region’s footprint, Walter told us last year that they were looking at Sheldon as a possible location for a new access center.

Walter says it wasn’t to be — at least not at this time.

Walter says the state has mandated a number of services that need to be provided within two hours or 120 miles of everyone living in the region, so there are a few different ways this can be offered.

He says they would be able to meet the requirement by offering services on the northeastern side of the region through a contract provider.

Walters says the ideal situation would have been to offer those services from Sheldon, but for now, they’re going to try something else.

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