Orange City, Iowa — A Remsen woman has pleaded guilty to felony theft and forgery charges after she allegedly took money from a dependent adult living at a Hull nursing home.

According to a criminal complaint filed with the Sioux County Clerk of Court, 43-year-old Samantha Hagemann of Remsen is accused of obtaining money in the form of ATM withdrawals, transactions at merchants, digital transactions for entertainment, and checks from the victim.

The deputy’s statement says that in May of 2021, the victim was found incapable of caring for himself and a legal representative was set up for him. He became a resident at Pleasant Acres in Hull. It says that Hagemann knew that the victim was unable to care for himself, and that she continued to withdraw money from the account with a debit card and then began traveling to the nursing home to collect checks from him. The checks were made out by someone other than the victim but were all written out to Hagemann. In all, the deputy says the amount withdrawn exceeded $10,000.

Court records indicate Hagemann pleaded not guilty in March but changed her plea as part of a plea agreement this week. She has not yet been sentenced.

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Sheldon, Iowa – A combine was damaged in a fire near Sheldon on Monday, September 26th, 2022.

According to Sheldon Fire Company Assistant Chief Brad Hindt, firefighters were paged about 4:40 p.m. to 330th Street and Marsh Avenue for a combine fire. That’s just west of Sheldon’s south side, west of Sudbeck Trucking.

Hindt says that when firefighters arrived, they found that the fire had been put out by a Sheldon Police officer with a fire extinguisher. The fire was in the rear discharge area of the combine.

He tells us firefighters used about a hundred gallons of water to cool the rear of the combine.

According to Hindt, it looked like there was an electrical short that started discarded bean remains on fire.

He says there was minor damage to the electrical wiring and plastic fuel tank.

Hindt tells us the Sheldon Police Department assisted them on the scene. The Sheldon Fire Company was back in service at 5:10 p.m.

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Hull, Iowa — Fire crews responded to a fire at Casey’s General Store in Hull at about 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

Fire departments from Hull, Sioux Center, and Rock Valley, the Hull Ambulance Squad, and the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office responded to what authorities are calling “a large fire” at the Casey’s. They tell us that employees were working inside at the time the fire started, but escaped without injury. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

We’ll bring you the details as they become available.

Click here for the story (with photo gallery) from our KIWA Radio website.

Northwest Iowa — If you’re out and about driving during sunrise or sunset this time of year, you know that the sun is lined up directly with the road in front of you if you are eastbound in the morning or westbound in the evening.

Of course, the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west, but on days on either side of an equinox, the sun isn’t just roughly in that direction, but nearly perfectly aligned with the road. And that can cause visibility issues.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office has some tips for us. First of all, they say to be extra careful. They say some other things you can do that make a big difference include manually turning on your headlights, cleaning your windshield, using sunglasses, and using sun visors. They advise you to slow down and give yourself extra driving time for your commute during this time of year — and around the first day of spring as well. Both times of year the sun is lined up with the roads.

With the extra farm traffic on the roads too and moving at a slow speed, sunrises and sunsets are even more dangerous, so take it easy.

Ames, Iowa — Now’s the time to plan for winter weather, and the Iowa Department of Transportation is doing just that — and if you own farm ground along state highways, you may be able to help them.

They are asking farmers who have ground along state highways to leave some corn standing as a snow fence. Former northwest Iowan Craig Bargfrede, who is now the Winter Operations Administrator for the Iowa DOT in Ames tells us about the program.

Bargfrede tells us that the bonus is that not only will the DOT pay you for the value of the corn, but you can also still harvest it by hand in the fall or by hand or machine in the spring. Plus, Bargfrede says they now also work with farmers who place bales along the highway instead.

He tells us who to call if you have corn or could put bales on some ag land that might be helpful to the DOT.

Bargfrede says if you don’t know what garage to call or who to ask for, you can just call him at 515-290-2713 and he will help you get in touch with the person who handles the program at the local level.

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Alton, Iowa — A semi tanker trailer was damaged in a fire near Alton on Tuesday morning.

According to the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office, about 7:25 a.m., they received a report of a semi-trailer on fire on Highway 60, one and a half miles northeast of Alton. Firefighters and law enforcement were dispatched.

The sheriff’s office says that 77-year-old Larry Krogman of Ashton had been driving a 1999 Freightliner semi-truck pulling a liquid fertilizer tank trailer northbound on Highway 60 when he reported the rear passenger side tires of the trailer started on fire. They tell us the fire likely started when the tire ruptured and became lodged between in the wheel well.

The Alton Fire Department was able to extinguish the fire and no injuries were reported.

The trailer sustained about $5,000 in damage.

Along with the Alton Fire Department, the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office, Orange City Police Department, Alton Ambulance Squad, the Orange City Fire Department, and the Iowa Department of Transportation responded to the scene to assist.

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Maurice, Iowa — An Ireton man was taken to the hospital after an accident near Maurice on Sunday, September 25th.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office tells us that at about 2:10 p.m., 58-year-old Michael Johnson of Ireton was driving a 2004 Ford F-150 pickup northbound on Garfield Avenue, three miles southwest of Maurice. They tell us 76-year-old Gene Beitelspacher of Le Mars was driving a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado eastbound on 480th Street.

According to the report, the two met and collided at the intersection.

The Ireton Ambulance took Johnson to the Sioux Center Health Hospital. His injuries were described as “minor.”

The Ford sustained about $6,000 in damage and damage to the Chevrolet was estimated at $5,000.

Beitelspacher was cited on a charge of failure to yield the right of way at an uncontrolled intersection.

The sheriff’s office reports that the Ireton Fire Department, Ireton Rescue Squad, Ireton Ambulance Squad, and the Iowa State Patrol assisted with the response to the accident.

Johnston, Iowa — The Democratic candidate in Iowa’s fourth congressional district says proposed carbon pipelines are not the right way to cut carbon emissions. Ryan Melton is the Nevada Democrat challenging Republican Congressman Randy Feenstra.

Melton says there are better ways to use the federal tax credits developers of the carbon pipelines hope to secure. And Melton says emergency responders in rural Iowa are ill-equipped to respond if there are ruptures to carbon pipelines.

Melton says the carbon capture pipeline projects would be a boondoggle. He’s also opposed to President Biden’s move last spring to temporarily allow the year-round sale of E-15 — gasoline with a 15 percent blend of ethanol. Melton says ethanol could be part of the mix, but it’s time to develop other energy sources that aren’t an additive to fossil fuels.

Melton made his comments during the taping of “Iowa Press,” which aired Friday night on Iowa PBS. Congressman Feenstra’s campaign manager issued a written statement, calling Melton an out-of-touch ally of President Biden who will continue the attacks on our way of life.

Northwest Iowa — Harvest is getting underway in earnest, and that means it’s time for a reminder about how to share the road with farm equipment.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Kevin Krull says since we live in Iowa, we should always be looking for slow-moving farm equipment, but especially during the busy harvest season.

Krull also reminds us of the other thing that is going on in the fall — kids are back in school. Around here, kids have been back in school for a month already, but people need to be aware of their presence.

Krull says troopers continue to try to keep the number of fatal accidents down. But unfortunately as of earlier this month, 228 lives had been lost in fatal crashes in Iowa this year. He says that is 5% or 11 people more than average. Krull encourages everyone to wear their seatbelts, put down the phones, don’t drink and drive or drive distracted — and slow down. Those things will go a long way toward saving more lives, says Krull.

Sheldon, Iowa — If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a business or grow one, there’s an opportunity for you to get some funding through a contest that’s going on now.

SCDC Development Dircton Curt Strouth tells us about the “BIG Challenge.”

He says a Sheldon resident got pretty far in the contest last year.

He tells us how it works.

That site again is He tells us what happens next.

He says if you have any questions, you can call the SCDC at 712-324-2813, or feel free to check out the website he mentioned at