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Hawarden Voters Decide Not To Sell City-Owned Telecommunications Utility

Hawarden, Iowa — Voters in Hawarden have decided not to sell the city-owned telecommunications utility in the southwest Sioux County town.

The service, known as HiTec — an acronym for “Hawarden Integrated Technology Energy and Communications” provides cable television, telephone, and high-speed internet to Hawarden residents who subscribe. Hawarden City Administrator Mike DeBruin tells us that just like many other issues in life, it comes down to money.

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He says the main issues are the need for upgrades, people cutting the cable, and stopping landline telephone service in favor of only having a cell phone — plus a shrinking subscriber base. We asked him, now that the measure failed at the polls, what is next for Hawarden and HiTec.

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The question of whether to sell HiTec failed at the polls on Tuesday by a margin of 315 “no” votes to 204 “yes” votes, or 39.30% “yes” to 60.70% “no.”

DeBruin says it’s not impossible that the issue could come before the voters again, but since it was a referendum, it won’t come up again for at least four years. He says the Hawarden City Council will probably discuss the situation in upcoming meetings.