Northwest Iowa — Saturday’s warm temperatures and bright sunshine combined to make perfect motorcycle riding weather for K&J Cycle’s annual Blue Finger Run motorcycle ride.

KIWA talked to Janet Lohrenz who, along with her husband Kent, owns and operates K&J Cycle in Sheldon. She tells us they had a record number of motorcyclists and passengers take part in Saturday’s ride, with 71 more people taking part than the biggest prior ride.

(As above) “We had the highest record number that we’ve ever had at 289 paid riders.”

Lohrenz says she had several telephone calls from riders Monday, telling her how much fun they had Saturday.

(As above) “People just, man, they came out. And, as a matter of fact, the other part that I have thoroughly enjoyed is the phone calls today, of people saying, ‘Man, did we have fun!'”

She says the ride proved to be the thing that got one rider’s reluctant wife to really enjoy being on the back of a motorcycle.

(As above) “I just had a guy stop in and he was telling me how his wife was always scared to ride motorcycle and the farthest she’s ever gone was fifteen miles. He talked her into giving it a try, with the understanding that if she got spooked by being on the back of a motorcycle, that he would take her home. And he said, ‘You know what? Quite the opposite, by the time we were done, she said, ‘When’s the next one?””

Saturday’s Blue Finger Run saw motorcyclists traveling the 125 mile course that led from Sheldon to Rock Valley, from Rock Valley to Hudson South Dakota, from Hudson to Ireton, Ireton to Alton, Alton to Granville and Granville to Sheldon, where they ended the day with after-ride festivities.

Photo: Bikes parked in front of Brady’s Pub in Sheldon after the ride


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