January 8, 2021 - 3:42 pm - Posted in News

Sheldon, Iowa — The KIWA website at kiwaradio.com saw a lot of traffic last year, which has been a good thing for our advertisers.

We talked to kiwaradio.com‘s webmaster, Justin Hellinga about it. He tells us that it’s part of a trend for our website.

(as said:) “Over the last several years we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the amount of information that northwest Iowa in general… Lyon, Sioux, O’Brien, and Osceola counties are consuming. Back in 2017… we’ll go back to then… we only had six point three million hits and then it’s increased since then in 2018, 2019, then for 2020… the year January 1st to December 31st — we hit 10 million page views on our website due to the abundance of information that people are consuming across northwest Iowa with the massive change into people consuming their local news more and more.”

Hellinga says those ten million hits are a great indicator to potential advertisers how popular our website is, and therefore how many northwest Iowans may be exposed to their messages.

(as said:) “The more hits that our website gets, the more exposure that our advertisers will get. They will see the advertisements on there all the time and then you’ll be able to see some of the deals that people put on there. You click on the link on the advertisement and that’ll bring you to what the advertisers have to say as well. The KIWA website brings in the traffic and then in turn we will export the traffic to our advertisers.”

Hellinga says many people are aware that they can get local news, sports scores, sports broadcasts, and the lists of our Marketplace items at kiwaradio.com. But he says we offer much more.

(as said:) “We have news, weather, sports. We have ag news. We have many obituaries that come in as well. We also have lunchroom menus; our community calendar tells you what’s going on all across northwest Iowa as well with some of the events going on.”

Hellinga tells us another thing that gets a lot of use on our website is our Closures and Delays page, whether it’s weather-related or pandemic-related announcements, you can find out what is and what is not going on at kiwaradio.com.

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