Northwest Iowa — The four northwesternmost Iowa counties have seen a net increase of eight cases of COVID-19 in the 24-hour period ending at noon on Friday, according to the latest statistics from the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Lyon County reported a decrease of one case, for a total of 19. Sioux County is up eight cases at 188. O’Brien County is up one at 24. And Osceola County is unchanged at 30.

Again, these numbers are raw numbers and do not take into account how many people have recovered.

No deaths from COVID-19 have been reported in these counties.

As far as density of cases, Sioux County is now at 539 cases per 100,000, Osceola is at 497 per 100,000. Lyon is at 161 and O’Brien is at 173 per 100,000.

Total numbers of cases from other counties around the area and their change from the previous report (5/21/2020):

Iowa counties:
Plymouth 102, up 4
Cherokee 10, up 1
Buena Vista 140, up 7
Clay 9 unchanged
Dickinson 8 unchanged

Minnesota counties:
Jackson 37, up 1
Nobles 1432, up 18
Rock 20 unchanged

South Dakota counties:
Minnehaha 3211, up 16
Lincoln 218, up 7
Union 73, up 4

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