Sheldon, Iowa — “It’s been too long.” That’s Aaron Krull’s thoughts about how long it’s been since people could see a movie in Sheldon or Orange City.

The Governor of Iowa closed movie theaters earlier this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Krull says he was surprised by the governor’s announcement on Wednesday.

He tells us how things will work once they do open.

Krull says they’re excited about opening — but there’s only one problem. There are no new movies coming out for a while.

According to Krull, it was a mad rush when theaters were told they could re-open, so not only is he not sure which old classics they will be showing, he’s not even sure what they’ll be showing when they open next weekend. But he says he knows it will be fun.

Krull wants to thank everyone in Sheldon and Orange City who has been coming in to buy popcorn and snacks while they were not able to show movies. He says that was a big help to them. Also, he wants to remind people that they can come to the theater for concessions any time they’re open — even if they aren’t coming to see a movie.

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