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Sioux Center Native Vern Den Herder Remembers Don Shula

Sioux Center native and former Central College standout Vern Den Herder says Don Shula was one of three coaches who had the greatest impact on his career.

Shula is the NFL’s winningest coach and died Monday at the age of 90. Den Herder played 12 years for the Dolphins, including the 1972 undefeated team.

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Den Herder says Shula was a hard nosed and demanding coach.

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Den Herder says Shula set the tone for the 1972 undefeated season immediately after a loss to Dallas in the Super Bowl the previous season.

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Den Herder says Shula talked him into returning after he decided to retire following his 11th season.

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Den Herder saw Shula last December when the 1972 Dolphins were honored as the greatest team in NFL history.

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