Spencer, Iowa — The area transit agency has announced how COVID-19 is affecting their service.

Rides’ Chief Operating Officer, Cindy Voss, says at this time, it’s not affecting important things like routes or operating times. But they have made some requests of their passengers to help preserve rider and driver health.

She says they want people to only schedule essential trips at this time, like medical and medically-related trips. She says you should keep yourself healthy by distancing from other riders. Also, cover any coughs or sneezes with your elbow or a tissue, and stay home if you feel sick.

Voss tells us they continue to evaluate what they need to do. She says it requires striking a delicate balance between providing essential service and protecting the health of the community.

According to Voss, system-wide, they are down from 600 trips per day to between 220 and 230 trips.

If you need more information, or to schedule a trip, you can call Rides Public Transit at 1-800-358-5037.

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