February 14, 2020 - 3:25 pm - Posted in News

Boone, Iowa — The Iowa DNR reports a drop in the number of deer taken by hunters this year. DNR Wildlife Biologist, Tyler Harms, says the drop coincides with a drop in the number of hunters.

The deer taken dropped to 94 thousand — compared to nearly 108-thousand the year before. Harms says an outbreak of disease is likely behind the drop in license sales.

Harms says some hunters want to help the deer recover from such outbreaks.

Harms says he expects future deer season will return to harvests of 100-thousand or more.

The state also reported the most positive tests for Chronic Wasting Disease this season since it started the testing. Harms says that is also a concern.

Harms says hunters have been very helpful in trying to manage the spread of C-W-D. He says they can continue to do that by following some simple steps.

He says transporting the carcasses of deer that are infected can spread the disease.

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