Northwest Iowa — An organization that serves city government in a number of northwest Iowa cities is promoting a scholarship that aims to encourage people to work for city government in one capacity or another.

The Northwest Iowa League of Cities is promoting its High School Senior Scholarship Program. Sheldon City Manager and board member of the league Sam Kooiker says that supporting the next generation of leaders is vital to the success of our communities.

He tells us why they’re offering the scholarships.

The program is open to any high school senior residing in a community that is a member of the Northwest Iowa League of Cities who is pursuing post-secondary education or training in a field that may result in employment by city government (examples: public administration, urban planning, water/wastewater, recreation, library science, museum management, police public safety, code enforcement, planner, public engineer, surveyor, city attorney, etc.). There are many member cities in the league. In our four-county area, the member cities include Alton, Boyden, Doon, Granville, Hartley, Inwood, Ireton, Orange City, Rock Rapids, Sanborn, Sheldon, Sioux Center, and Sutherland.

Kooiker says you can see for an application and additional information, or you can call him at Sheldon City Hall.

Officials tell us completed applications are due by April 1st, and that all funds used for the scholarship program are generated through private and commercial fundraising and are not tax-supported.

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