Northwest Iowa — The 2020 Iowa Caucuses will probably be remembered as the time the Iowa Democratic Party had major issues with its app and reporting results.

But northwest Iowa party leaders say we should also remember everything that DID go according to plan.

That’s Kim Van Es, who is the Sioux County Democratic Party chair. She spoke to us on behalf of the Sioux, Lyon, O’Brien, and Osceola county groups. She says since the app was hard to install, that drove especially the “non-techie” result reporters to eschew the app entirely and phone in their results, which took much more time and resources than the party anticipated.

She says the party was making changes for good reasons, but the technology just didn’t work very well for them.

Van Es tells us that she’s not sure if the issues will affect Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucus status. But she says she’s not sure Iowa should be first to begin with.

According to Van Es, the Sioux County Democratic Party will be talking about the first-in-the-nation status of the Iowa Caucuses as part of a platform resolution at their county convention on March 21st.

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