Sheldon, Iowa — This December, businesses in Sheldon are partnering with local community groups for the “12 Days of Pizza”.

Iowa State Bank, Northwestern Bank, and the Sheldon Pizza Ranch have teamed up to sponsor families for the “12 Days of Pizza”. The idea for “12 Days of Pizza” came from Sean Covel, a South Dakota native and producer of Napolean Dynamite.

Perry Krosschell is Pizza Ranch’s Chief Vision Officer at their corporate headquarters in Orange City. He says Covel heard the need for an extended out-of-school food program when his friend, a second-grade teacher, mentioned how some of her students are dependent on existing programs that provide free and reduced meals through the school year and weekends like the “Backpack Program”.

Krosschell tells us how it works.

He tells us that the program is open to every Pizza Ranch that wants to take part. Krosschell tells us that other Pizza Ranches give back in other ways.

According to Krosschell, it’s a great fit with everything Pizza Ranch is about.

He says eighteen families in the Sheldon area will be given coupons for one free large pizza or eight pieces of chicken for twelve days.

Krosschell says that the ministry is now in its fifth year, and that “12 Days of Pizza” will provide over 11,000 meals to nearly 950 families across the Midwest. This year, 70 Pizza Ranch locations (including most of the northwest Iowa restaurants) are partnering with local businesses to join in on the spirit of the holidays.

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