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Sheldon, Iowa — The month of November was both colder and wetter than a “normal” November in Sheldon.

According to the weather facts collected by KIWA Radio, the highest high in November 2019 was 55 degrees, recorded on both the 16th and the 21st of the month. The lowest high temperature was 16 degrees, recorded on November 12th.

The lowest low in the month was six below zero on November 7th. We recorded below-zero low temperatures on the 7th, the 8th, and the 12th of the month. The highest low was 38 degrees on November 17th.

The average high for the month was 39. The normal is 44. The average low was 20. The normal is 24. The average temperature as-a-whole for the month was 30 degrees, and normally it’s 34.

We received 2.07 inches of precipitation for November. A normal November sees just under an inch, at 0.98, so we were above normal for the month by 1.09 inches. Year-to-date precip has been 38.84 inches. Normal year-to-date precip would be 26.65, so we’re 12.19 inches above normal on the year. The day with the most precip was the final day of the month, the 30th, when we received 1.05 inches of combined rain and melted snow.

The snow received in November 2019 added up to 6.85 inches. Normal snowfall for November is 3.3 inches, so we ended the month 3.55 inches above normal. Since September first, we’ve received 7.85 inches. Normal would be 4.3, so we’re 3.55 inches above normal for season-to-date snowfall. The day with the most snow was November 27th, with four inches recorded.

Statewide, State Climatologist Justin Glissan says November was below normal in a couple of areas.

Looking at the precipitation side of things, the state was at one-point-four inches. Which is about six-tenths below average. Snowfall was the one statewide area that was above normal for November.

We entered the winter season on Sunday and Glissan says the outlook calls for more precipitation than normal in the coming months.

He says there isn’t a clear read on what the temperatures will be like.

Glissan says December is normally the third driest month of the year.

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