November 6, 2019 - 4:16 pm - Posted in News

Sioux Center, Iowa — Workers have been putting the finishing touches on a new wastewater treatment plant in Sioux Center.

Murray Hulstein, Sioux Center’s Utilities Manager gives us an update.

According to Hulstein, both systems will remain in operation until the new one is ready to take over 100 percent. He says the facility was not cheap.

He tells us that some things will be saved, but most of the old facility will eventually be replaced.

According to Hulstein, part of the push for a new wastewater plant came from new regulations to which they must adhere.

Hulstein tells us the old plant is approaching 40 years old and would have required many updates and additions to come into compliance with the new standards. He says the new plant is also expandable if the need arises. According to Hulstein, the debt service through the state revolving loan program will be repaid mainly by way of two rate increases that are already in effect. He says an open house will likely be sometime next summer when the demolition of the old plant is complete and the landscaping is established. No date has been set.

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