November 6, 2019 - 1:37 pm - Posted in News

Northwest Iowa — (RI) — Iowa Congressman Steve King says he expects to be placed back on several legislative committees in the near future.

King, a Republican from Kiron, was removed from all committee assignments in January following a New York Times article where he addressed white supremacy. Earlier this week, King said he’s been talking with House leaders about restoring his status.

During the Times interview, King was quoted as saying he didn’t understand how the phrases white supremacy, white nationalism and western civilization had developed negative connotations. King says he was misquoted. He says he deserves to have his assignments restored as there’s no precedent for how he’s being treated.

King is the fourth, and he says two previous representatives were convicted of serious crimes while the third is still facing trial. King points out, he’s never been charged with anything.

King says if he remains stripped of his committee assignments, then our constitutional rights will be jeopardized.

The 4th District Republican says he will continue to “put the heat on the leadership.”

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