Northwest Iowa — Scammers continue to prey on unsuspecting northwest Iowans. The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office says the latest flavor of scam includes a threat that the caller will be arrested.

Sioux County Sheriff’s officials are saying that numerous scams are being reported in the area. They say that the scammer says you need to contact them back within 24 hours or they will arrest you. According to the Sheriff’s Office, they have received reports of callers claiming to be with the IRS and scammers claiming to be with “local law enforcement.”

The Sheriff’s Office reminds folks that the IRS will not call, they send out letters. If Law Enforcement Officers leave a voicemail they will identify who they are and what agency they are with and will include their office number to call.

They tell us that law enforcement officers and dispatchers are aware of these scams; however, if you want to make a report you may call your local agency on their non-emergency line. Phone numbers are listed below.

Sioux Center Police Department: 722-0761
Orange City Police Department: 707-4251
Rock Valley Police Department: 476-5716
Hawarden Police Department: 551-4430
Sioux County Sheriff’s Office: 737-2280

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