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King Responds To Protesters In Sioux Center

Sioux Center, Iowa — Republican Congressman Steve King’s supporters and opponents gathered in Sioux Center on Thursday night as the “Sioux County Conservatives” hosted King at a public event. Steve Mahr helped organize a protest outside the venue, before the meeting began.

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King later responded to the assertion he doesn’t represent the views of Iowans in the fourth congressional district.

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During Thursday night’s forum, King was asked to explain a comment posted on his campaign’s Facebook page that criticized one of the students who survived the Florida school shooting. It accused Emma Gonzalez of betraying her Cuban heritage by speaking in favor of gun restrictions during her speech at last week’s march in Washington. That Facebook post motivated Mahr and others to protest King Thursday night.

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King says his campaign is using Facebook to provide “a rebuttal” to what he says are the “irrational arguments” about guns being made by Gonzalez and other high school students.

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King spoke with reporters after his supporters AND opponents attended the meeting in the Sioux Center library.

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