Des Moines, Iowa — The weekly crops and weather report is out. Of course the great majority of crops were out weeks ago, but farmers continue to worry about top and subsoil moisture.

The week’s most common field activities included fall tillage, fertilizer application, and tile installation according to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service Field Office.

There were 6.3 days suitable for fieldwork statewide during the past week. Topsoil moisture levels declined to 28 percent very short, 38 percent short, 33 percent adequate, and 1 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture also declined and is now rated at 60 percent very short, 34 percent short, 6 percent adequate, and 0 percent surplus. With 94 percent of Iowa experiencing short to very short subsoil moisture levels, this is the driest Iowa’s subsoil has been at the close of the third week in November since 1999. Grain movement changed little from the previous week, with just 19 percent of the State seeing moderate to heavy grain movement from farm to elevator. Ninety-nine percent of the State reports adequate or surplus off-farm storage capacity and 97 percent of the State reports adequate or surplus on-farm storage capacity.

Hay supplies are still considered short across 41 percent of Iowa with 37 percent of the hay supply considered in good condition. Stress on livestock was minimal with no issues reported for this week. Livestock producers continue to move cattle to fields of corn and soybean stubble.

Click here for the full crop report.

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