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Sioux Center, Iowa — The State of Iowa’s domestic violence help line call center — is moving to Sioux Center.
texting cell phone_sxc
The call center is going to be a separate arm of the Family Crisis Center, according to Executive Director Shari Kastein.

She tells us how this came about.

She says the next step for them was to write a grant proposal.

She says they originally proposed to run a hotline not only for domestic violence victims but also victims of sexual assault, homicide, and other violent crimes. But that was not approved.

Kastein tells us about the leadership structure of the call center.

She says those taking the calls will not be dispatchers, where they take the call and then contact someone else to provide assistance.

She says there will be employment opportunities, as well as other benefits for the region.

Kastein says the initial grant proposal was for $750,000, but there may be much more coming their way, as the grant amount has not yet been finalized.

She says the call center will be in Sioux Center, but a physical location also has not yet been finalized.

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Northwest Iowa — The Iowa Department of Agriculture has announced some new developments in the bird flu outbreak.
The state announced two new cases of the bird flu. They are the fifth case of bird flu in Wright County at a pullet farm with 400-thousand birds, and the seventh case in Sac County that includes 42-thousand turkeys. That brings the state’s total cases to 70.

The Ag Department also announced that several loads of materials from cleaned out bird flu sites were buried Thursday at the Northwest Iowa Landfill near Sheldon. Its the first deposit of materials in a public landfill from the outbreak.

Officials also noted the incinerator at the Cherokee landfill came online Thursday, with loads scheduled for incineration in the immediate future. Governor Branstad has extended the statewide disaster emergency for the bird flu through the month of June. It was set to expire at the end of May.

The disaster declaration allows for the coordination of state resources in the disposal of the infected animals. Branstad said at the time he declared the state of emergency that it was the worst such outbreak in the state in modern times.

Radio Iowa assisted with this story.

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Rock County, Minnesota –- Another member water provider has been connected to the Lewis & Clark water system that is eventually supposed to provide water to Hull, Sheldon, Sibley and Sioux Center, as well as two more systems in Minnesota and one in South Dakota.
lewis & clark water tower

With a meter building on the Minnesota – Iowa border reaching substantial completion on Thursday, May 28th, the Rock County Rural Water District (RCRWD) began receiving water from the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System (L&C), becoming the twelfth member connected to L&C. Eight members remain.

RCRWD, which is overseen by the Rock County Commission, has reserved 300,000 gallons a day. However, it will only access half its capacity at this connection, with the other half at their future second connection at Magnolia.

RCRWD Manager Brent Hoffmann said “Many of our long-time directors and customers wondered if this day would ever come.  We have faced many hurdles in maintaining consistent water flow and quality.  Drought in 2013 and then record flooding in June of 2014, as well as ever-tightening federal and state restrictions on developing additional water sources, only highlight the importance of having interconnections with other water providers.  The days of
going it alone are a thing of the past.  Being connected to Lewis & Clark is a huge boost.”

Chairman Red Arndt of Luverne said, “Congratulations to the Rock County Commission and Rock County Rural Water District on this long awaited day! Having access to Lewis & Clark water will open many opportunities for the system and its customers. We couldn’t be happier for them.”

In addition to Luverne, which is anticipated to be connected this coming December, the other non-connected members include: The Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water System and Worthington in Minnesota; The cities of Hull, Sheldon, Sibley and Sioux Center; and Madison, South Dakota.

Meanwhile, The Lewis & Clark Regional Water System’s Board of Directors has awarded a $1,036,000 contract to Robert L Carr Construction of Marshall, MN to construct meter buildings at Luverne and Magnolia in southwest Minnesota. This December is the substantial completion deadline, at which time Luverne will begin receiving Lewis & Clark water. Lewis & Clark officials say the Magnolia meter building will eventually provide connections for the Rock County Rural Water District and the Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water System, however, the contract for construction of the pipeline between Luverne and Magnolia will not be awarded until this fall.

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Iowa DNRSpirit Lake, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Natural Resources issues a weekly fishing report on Thursdays in an effort to provide the latest information heading into the weekend. The weekly fishing report is compiled from information gathered from local bait shops, angler creel surveys, and county and state parks staff. For more information contact the Spirit Lake fish Hatchery at 712-336-1840.


Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake)

Boaters should use caution around the dredge barge, booster pump barge, and pipeline. Walleye regulations for Storm Lake are three fish per day, all fish between 17 and 22 inches must be released and only one over 22 inches may be kept. Walleye – Fair: Anglers are picking up 12 to 13 inch and 17 to 19 inch walleye. Try trolling shad colored crankbaits in 7 to 9 feet of water. Channel Catfish – Fair: Use traditional catfish baits. A few are also being picked up while walleye fishing.

Clear Lake

Crappie – Good: Crappies have been caught near the edges of the cattails and rushes around the lake. Some have started to move in. Use a cane pole or waders and a long rod to drop a light jig (1/8 oz. or smaller) tipped with a minnow or quarter piece of worm into little pockets in the reeds. Walleye – Good: Dodges Point and Billys Reef have been producing for anglers drifting or anchoring. Trolling has also been good. Shore fishermen have been catching some on north shore docks, city seawall, docks by the outlet and the island. Channel Catfish – Good: Catfish are in the pre-spawn period. Anglers can expect fast action in the shallows after dark. Fish with a piece of cut bait, live chub, stinkbait, or worms. MacIntosh Park, the Ventura jetties, Farmers Beach, and the C.L. city dock are good places to try for them. Muskellunge – Good: Yellow Bass – Good: Anglers have had good success on Woodford Island. Fishing is best before sunrise (4:30-5:30) and at sunset or on overcast or windy days. Fish with small hair jigs in the 1/32 or 1/64 oz. range. Tip jig with a small portion of worm, leech, or minnow. Anglers are sorting fish, with size ranging between 6.5 -7.1 inches or 7.9-8.3 inches. Bluegill – No Report: Anglers should look for spawning activity in the rushes on sandy bottom. Yellow Perch – Slow: A few nice perch have been caught in or near edges of rushes with a bobber and minnow.

Lake Pahoja

Bluegill – Excellent: Bluegills are schooled up off the jetties. Bluegills are very large many in the 7-8 inch range. Fish a worm and bobber. Largemouth Bass – Good: Largemouth are beginning to bed in the shallows along the south banks in shallower water. Throwing spinner baits or soft plastics for the aggressive males will produce bites.

Big Spirit Lake

Largemouth Bass – Fair: Small bass are in trickles. Larger bass are still out deep. Males are staging on beds. Many bedded bass are being seen along the north shore near Trickle Slough. Walleye – Good: An evening bite is happening at the north grade, anglers showing up around 8:30 pm are quickly catching walleye. Fish above and below the slot are being caught and creeled. Anglers using dark deer hair jigs tipped with leeches are proving the most successful. Bullhead – Excellent: The north grade is keeping anglers busy with bullheads. Anglers being creeled have reported catching many bullheads over a pound. Anglers are using worm weighted to the bottom. Yellow Perch – Fair: The fishing pier at the grade is producing more perch in the 6-8 inch range for anglers willing to sort through bullheads and bluegill. Anglers using jig heads and wax worms are having success.

East Okoboji Lake

Yellow Bass – Good: Large numbers of yellow bass are being caught near East Okoboji beach near the boat docks. Fish vary in size from small to a few 8-9 inch fish. Throw soft plastic shad. Anglers fishing under the highway 9 bridge are catching fair numbers of yellows using small plastic minnows. Yellow Perch – Fair: Numbers of smaller yellow perch are being caught while anglers are fishing for yellow bass. Pulling similar baits near the bottom will force more perch into your bucket. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Fish near the inlet to upper gar along the rocks to find a fast paced bass bite. Anglers are seeing bass bedding up in the upper gar then swimming into East Okoboji. Walleye – Fair: Parks Marina and Lone Tree Point are reporting a hot bite for walleye. Anglers are drifting minnows along the bottom before dark. Larger walleye are being caught in 10-12 feet of water.

West Okoboji Lake

Largemouth Bass – Good: Largemouth bass are schooled in the warm water of the canals and harbors as they enter their pre-spawn. Many male bass are already on beds while females are still out swimming the depths. Males are being caught on trick worms, wacky rigs, and drop shots. Females are enjoying jigs and deep diving cranks. Bluegill – Good: The canals are loaded with bluegills. Large and small fish are being caught in good numbers. Crappie – Fair: The trestle is still being reported to be a good bite. The canals are starting to fill with larger crappies. Smallmouth Bass – Good: Smallmouth are on beds in bays with sandy cobble and larger boulders. These fish will be bedded near larger rocks. Placing any soft plastics near the bed will result in a strike. Northern Pike – Good: Little Emerson and little millers are filled with northerns. Throw anything at this time and catch a few. Walleye – Good: Walleyes are being caught by shore anglers fishing the canal bridges after dark. Anglers fishing darker crankbaits or bottom jigs with leeches are having the most success. Fish being caught are in the 13-19 inch range.

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orange city alton police oc pd ocpdOrange City, IA — An Orange City Woman struck two parked cars in Orange City on Wednesday, May 27th.

The Orange City Police Department reports that at about 11:00 am on Wednesday, 75-year-old Audrey Van Grouw of Orange City was backing up in the Dollar General Store parking lot in a 2002 Mercury Sable. According to the report, Van Grouw backed out of her spot on the north side of the parking lot, and backed into a 2011 Chrysler 300 and a 2013 Ford Taurus that were directly parked across the parking lot. Van Grouw was unaware that she struck the vehicles and left the parking lot. Van Grouw was later located at her residence.

Van Grouw’s Sable received $600 damage. The Chrysler received $300 damage; the Taurus received $600 damage.

No injuries were reported

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Sioux Sheriff Car 84-A Boyden woman was injured in an accident on Wednesday, May 27th near Hull.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that at about 7:56 am, 16-year-old Emily Van Ginkel was driving a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville eastbound on 310th Street. Thirty-one-year-old Shirley Van Engen of Boyden was driving a 2006 Mercury Montego northbound on Highway 75. According to the report, Van Ginkel stopped for the stop sign at Highway 75 and then drove into the intersection and Van Engen struck Van Ginkel.

Van Engen reported minor injuries but declined further medical attention.

The Pontiac received $800 damage. The Mercury received $2000 damage.

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sioux county sheriff emblemA Maurice man reported minor injuries after an accident near Sioux Center on Wednesday, May 27th.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that at about 11:05 am on Wednesday, 21-year-old Bryce Moss of Hull, was driving a 2006 Ford F150 westbound on 410th Street. Thirty-six-year-old Joel Scholten of Maurice was driving southbound on Grant Avenue in a 2008 Ford F250. According to the report, Moss and Scholten met in the intersection and Moss struck Scholten.

Scholten reported minor injuries and declined further medical attention.

Moss’s and Scholten’s Fords each received $6000 damage.

Moss was cited for failing to yield right of way.

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sioux county sheriff emblemTwo vehicles were damaged in an accident near Sioux Center on Monday, May 25th.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports, that at about 3:30 pm, 46-year-old James Walling of Inwood was driving a 2013 Ford Focus southbound on Garfield Avenue, two miles west of Sioux Center. Seventeen-year-old Austin Van Zee of Rock Valley was driving a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix southbound on Garfield behind Walling. According to the report, Walling slowed for a vehicle ahead of him that was turning onto a business driveway and Van Zee struck Walling.

The Ford Focus received $1000 damage. The Pontiac received $1000 damage.

Van Zee was cited for following too close.

No injuries were reported.


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Sioux City, Iowa — A Hawarden man was arrested after leading Plymouth County Deputies on a chase early on Monday morning.
Police lightbar chase
Deputies report that just before 2:30 AM, 22-year-old Ramon Caro of Hawarden fled from the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office by vehicle and by foot on C-80 near K-22 — also known as the Perry Creek Road, about a mile north of the city limits of Sioux City.

They say he was later apprehended at his home in Hawarden and was transported to the Plymouth County Jail in Le Mars.

He was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, manner of conveyance, driving while barred, and interference with official acts, along with additional traffic violations.

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Alton, Iowa — A Sanborn man was arrested after a report of a suspicious person near Alton.
orange city alton police oc pd ocpd
The Orange City/Alton Police Department reports that Thursday evening, May 21st, they received a report of a suspicious man at the wildlife area south of Alton.

They arrested 32-year-old Sean Olmstead of Sanborn on charges of Driving While License Barred, Possession of Controlled Substance – Methamphetamine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Operating While Intoxicated – Drugged; as well as on a Cherokee County warrant for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office assisted the Orange City Police Department.