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sioux center fire logo doorSioux Center, Iowa– A late model skid loader was destroyed in a fire on Thursday, March 16, 2017 near Sioux Center.

According to Sioux Center Fire Chief David Van Holland, about 7:15 a.m., the Sioux Center Fire Department was called to the report of a skid loader on fire at Trans Ova Genetics at 3648 Highway 75. That’s about a half mile south of the Carmel Blacktop on Highway 75.

The chief says the fire department saw the skid loader fully engulfed in flame as they approached the scene.

Chief Van Holland reports that the skid loader was totaled, but nothing else burned.

He says no injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire is undetermined, says Van Holland.

He says they used about 100 gallons of water to fight the fire, and crews were on scene for ten to fifteen minutes.

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Tulip Court 2017 in costumeOrange City, Iowa — Preparations continue for the annual Tulip Festival in Orange City in May.

The annual Orange City Tulip Festival Extravaganza was held on Wednesday, March 15, at Prairie Winds Event Center. The event featured a luncheon and program during which the costumes for the 2017 Tulip Queen and Court were revealed and the 2017 parade marshals were introduced.

Members of the 2017 Tulip Court are Queen Karli Lang, who is the daughter of Chris and Sherry Lang; Emma De Jong, who is the daughter of Douglas and Jamie De Jong; Olivia Duesenberg, who is the daughter of Gary and Rachel Duesenberg; Sydnee Olson, who is the daughter of Jody and Denene Nibbelink and Chad and Amanda Olson; and Noelle Sampson, who is the daughter of Brent and Teresa Sampson.

The costume this year is from the village of Hoorn which is located in the west Friesland region, in the province of North Holland. The costume is circa 1850.

In 1850, Hoorn was a seaport village, known for its connection to, and wealth from, the East India Trading Company. The fact that rich sea merchants sought to parade their wealth is evident in the women’s expensive costume– at the time, the skirt would have been made from expensive floral chintz, the apron, and jacket made from a silk, which had probably been imported by the East India Trading company. In addition, the expensive laces on the hat, the red or coral colored gemstones, dangling from gold earrings and the hats, as well as the gold oorijizer all speak of the affluence that this village boasted. [After the creation of the Afsluitdijk closed out the North Sea in the mid-1900’s, Hoorn became a port city on the new fresh water lake, IJsselmeer]

Queen Karli will be wearing a dark red jacket with a peplum, and complimentary floral pattern of gold, greens, and dark red. Her apron is gold as well. The beaded purse, with the striking white beads atop the black velveteen, is a design that has been found in the Friesian area at this time period as well.

The Court will be wearing a lovely blue jacket, also with a peplum, and the skirt is a floral of greens, dark pink, and gold, on a cream background, with green aprons.

The hats are also very interesting– on the crown, it is comprised of a black skull cap, followed by a lace overlay, and lastly, a layer of royal blue tulle. However, the most interesting part of the hat, in addition to the ornate gold oorijizer and hat pins, is the ruffle at the back. While it appears to be rolled on dowels, it is in fact given it’s rolled look by an intricate pleating technique.

The 2017 Tulip Court also presented their traveling road show titled “Battle of the Tulips” for the first time. The road show, which the festival royalty wrote and will present to various organizations, schools, and residential care facilities this spring, tells of the events and attractions at Tulip Festival and gives a detailed overview of their Costumes from Hoorn.

An additional highlight to the Extravaganza was the introduction of this year’s parade marshals. The Tulip Festival Steering Committee is very pleased to honor the Pressman-Koster Post 329 of The American Legion as the parade marshals for the 77th annual event.

Each year a Parade Marshal is chosen for the festival. This honor is given to recognize someone for the contributions they have made to the festival in past years.

This year, instead of honoring an individual, the committee chose to honor a group of people. This group currently consists of 150 members. They not only lead every parade during the festival, they also serve our community by conducting Memorial Day services as well as military funerals. They help our youth by donating to after prom parties, supporting the Boy Scouts and American Legion summer baseball and sending 4 young men to the Boys State Conference each summer. This group was chartered in 1919 as the John C. Pressman post. Pressman gave his life in World War I. After World War II, the name was changed to the Pressman-Kosters post in honor of Allen and Henry Kosters who were killed in World War II.

Rock Valley Water TowerRock Valley, Iowa — Rock Valley is the fastest-growing town in western Iowa. That’s from the Rock Valley Economic Development Corporation and And the city has just received a grant that will help them grow even more.

Rock Valley’s Economic Development Director, David Miller says that the Iowa Transportation Commission has approved a Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy or “RISE” grant of nearly $365,000 for roadway improvements for the Rock Ridge Industrial Park, located on Rock Valley’s east side.

He says the total estimated cost of the roadway project is about $728,000. The roadway improvement project is expected to begin construction this summer and will provide access to 15 lots, totaling 29 acres.

He says the property is available for manufacturing, warehouse, and professional office purposes.

Rock Valley has also seen a significant increase in population. Miller says they grew 34.2% from 2000 to 2014, making Rock Valley the fastest-growing community in the western third of Iowa, according to He says Rock Valley’s 2014 population was over 3,600 residents and a recent housing study projected the population to rise to 4,000 residents by 2022. The influx in population is attributed to the continued expansion of industry and new business opportunities locating in Rock Valley.

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Sioux Sheriff 84-8 FacebookRock Valley, Iowa — Neither driver was injured in a 2-vehicle crash that happened Tuesday afternoon in Rock Valley.

According to the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office, the accident happened when a 2012 Chevrolet Sonic, driven by 47-year old Nathan Dorhout of Rock Valley, backed from a residential driveway, striking a passing westbound 2010 Ford F-150, driven by 17-year old Lucas Spaans of Rock Valley.

Deputies estimate the damage to Spaans’ pickup at $2-thousand, while Dorhout’s car received an estimated $25-hundred damage.

Authorities say Dorhout was cited for Failure To Yield Right-Of-Way When Entering The Roadway.

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emergency light fire ambulanceAlton, Iowa — A Utah woman was taken to the hospital after an accident near Alton on Sunday.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that about 4:30 p.m., 67-year-old Ida Ripley of South Jordan, UT was driving a 2013 Hyundai Sonata southbound on Highway 60, a mile south of Alton, when she lost control of the vehicle, which entered the west ditch and struck a MidAmerican Energy electrical power pole.

The Sheriff’s office reports that the Alton Ambulance took Ripley to the Orange City Hospital.

They say the Hyundai sustained about $10,000 in damage. The pole sustained about $3,000 in
damage, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

They report that the Alton Ambulance crew and the Alton Fire Department assisted them with the response to the accident.

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Okoboji FireworksDes Moines, Iowa — After years of trying, it appears politicians pushing to make it LEGAL for private citizens to set off fireworks in Iowa may get their wish in 2017. A bill addressing the issue has cleared procedural hurdles and is eligible for debate at any time in the Iowa Senate. Senator Randy Feenstra, a Republican from Hull, says northwest Iowans look across the border at South Dakota, where fireworks displays on private property have been legal for years.

It is illegal to light fireworks in Iowa without a permit from city or county officials. In addition, it’s illegal to SELL fireworks in Iowa. The bill pending in the senate would erase those obstacles and set up a system for licensing and regulating businesses that sell fireworks and assessing a sales tax on fireworks sales.

If the bill advances through the Senate AND the House this year, sales of consumer fireworks could start in June. The legislation would make it legal to sell and ignite fireworks during limited holiday periods, like the 4th of July, Christmas and New Years. The bill would give cities and counties the option of passing local ordinances that forbid fireworks displays.

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Sioux Sheriff 84-8 FacebookOrange City, Iowa — An Orange City man was injured in an accident after his vehicle rolled near Orange City on Monday, March 13th.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that around 4:45 am on Monday, 33-year-old Hermenegildo Reyes‐Rodriguez of Orange City was driving a 2001 Ford Excursion southbound on Highway 60, three miles south of Orange City. According to the report, Hermenegildo Reyes‐Rodriguez lost control of the vehicle, entered the south ditch, struck a guardrail and rolled.

The Ford received $7,000 damage. The guardrail received $2,000 damage.

Reyes‐Rodriguez reported minor injuries and declined further medical attention.

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sioux county sheriff emblemOrange City, Iowa — A Sioux Center woman escaped injury after her vehicle struck a cement culvert near Orange City on Sunday, March 12th.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that just before 9:00 pm on Sunday, 22-year-old Rebecca Ten Napel of Sioux Center was driving a Pontiac G6 southbound on Jackson Avenue. According to the report, Ten Napel lost control of the vehicle, entered the east ditch, struck a cement culvert and a creek embankment.

The Pontiac received $2,000 damage.

No injuries were reported.

fire truck grille and red lightHawarden, Iowa– A shed and a generator were damaged in a fire on Friday, March 10, 2017 near Hawarden, but a hog confinement was saved. And while firefighters were at that fire, they received another fire call.

According to Hawarden Fire Chief Jon Strong, about 12:00 p.m., the Hawarden Fire Department was called to the report of a shed on fire near a hog confinement at 1930 490th Street, four miles east and four south of Hawarden.

The chief says the fire department saw a small shed that had burned as they approached the scene, but it was already mostly out. He says they used water to make sure the fire was out.

Strong says no injuries were reported.

He says the cause of that fire is undetermined.

Chief Strong reports that there was moderate damage to both the shed and the generator, which was used for the hog confinement. He says the confinement was not damaged.

He says they used a small amount of water to fight the fire, and crews were on scene for a half hour.

However, while they were there, they received a second fire call, and some of the firefighters went on that call, which was to the Hawarden Fire Station parking lot.

Strong says as far as they can tell, one of the firefighter’s cars caught on fire. He says they aren’t sure, but their best guess is that it was an electrical fire. The older car was totaled, says Strong, and he figures it was worth around $8000. He says firefighters were on the scene of that fire for around 20 minutes.

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Iowa DNRNewkirk, Iowa — The DNR Spencer field office responded Thursday to a small manure spill about a half mile south of Newkirk, in Sioux County.

According to the DNR, a commercial manure applicator, Brad Jochum of Le Mars, was land applying manure from Hickory Hill Dairy of Newkirk when a drag hose developed a leak late Thursday morning.

Jochum reportedly shut off the pump, but between 500 and 1,000 gallons of manure spilled, according to the DNR.  They say an unknown amount reached an unnamed tributary to the Floyd River.

DNR Specialist on-site, Lois Benson says the hose contents were under pressure, but because of the quick response little escaped.  Benson says Jochum built a dam across the creek and pumped out most of the manure, all within a few hours.

Benson took water samples for testing, but said it looked as if little, if any, manure moved downstream. She says she did not see any dead fish below the dam.

The DNR will monitor the cleanup and consider appropriate enforcement action, according to Benson.