Northwest Iowa — If you’re used to receiving your property tax statement about this time in August, you’ll have to wait a little.

It seems that due to a technical issue at the state level, there has been a delay in getting the statements out.

We talked to Missy Hattermann, who is the O’Brien County Treasurer, and she tells us what’s up.

She says the file has to do with business property tax credit.

But, Hattermann says the delay doesn’t mean people get an extension.

Hatterman says you should probably expect to receive your statement next week.

As usual, the first half of your property taxes are due in September, with the last half due in March. But if you like, you can pay all of your tax in September. As usual, you can pay in person at your county treasurer’s office, by mail, or online. If you pay in person or by mail, make sure the proper stub accompanies your payment. The online option will be available, but it may not be available yet. The site is Be advised, however, that there is a convenience fee for paying online, and that in past years the fee has been much smaller when paid online using your checking account than online using a credit card.

Dyersville, Iowa — Tickets to next week’s Major League Baseball game at the Field of Dreams site in Dyersville are a hot commodity.

Some Iowans have found out they were chosen in a drawing for tickets. Nikki Glatt of Dubuque is one of them.

Iowa residents had from July 16th through the 23rd to enter a lottery drawing for a chance to purchase tickets for the highly-anticipated game between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox. They’ll be playing in Iowa’s first Major League Baseball game under the lights in the newly-constructed stadium near the Field of Dreams Movie Site next Thursday night, August 12th. Glatt had an appointment to try to purchase tickets at 11 a-m – and was able to get two tickets for 375 dollars each. She says she’s had a lot of people reaching out to her willing to buy them – even though it appears tickets are non-transferable.

Eight-thousand fans will be at the game itself – and the Dyersville Chamber says Major League Baseball isn’t even sure how many people will be coming to Dyersville for the event or the “Beyond the Game” two-day festival that the community will be hosting next Wednesday and Thursday. Glatt says she’s not looking forward to the crowds, but she is excited for the game itself – even though she’s a Braves fan.

The Field of Dreams game between the Yankees and the White Sox will be aired live on FOX next Thursday night, August 12th at 6 p-m, with an official MLB viewing party at the “Beyond the Game” Festival in Dyersville’s City Square. For more information on the “Beyond the Game” festivities, check out

Sheldon, Iowa — Something that’s never before been done in Sheldon will be taking place this Saturday evening at the RiseFest grounds.

The Impact Youth Summit is for kids from all over the area who are about to begin 7th grade through those who graduated from high school this past spring, and it runs from 5:00 to 9:00 pm Saturday evening at the RiseFest grounds in northeast Sheldon.

Sheldon United Methodist Church Youth Pastor Jacob Sandholm is the organizer of this nondenominational event, and he tells us what to expect at Saturday’s Impact Youth Summit.

Sandholm says one of the speakers will be Taylan Seaman of Sioux Center.

He says Christian motivational speaker and YouTuber Emma Mae McDaniel will also speak to the group.

Sandholm says the idea for the Impact Youth Summit, as well as the size of the summit itself, grew rapidly following a conversation with Rise Ministries President and CEO Rob Roozeboom.

He says tickets for the event are available both online and at the gate Saturday evening.

Saturday night’s first-ever nondenominational Impact Youth Summit, for 7th through 12th graders, will take place Saturday night from 5:00 to 9:00 pm at the RiseFest grounds, located a short distance north of Highway 18, on Country Club Road in northeastern Sheldon.

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Northwest Iowa — It seems like just yesterday schools were beginning their summer recess, and now it’s already time to register and go back to school for the 2021-22 school year.

For those with children who will be attending the Sheldon Community Schools, registration can be completed now, online. Sheldon Community Schools will also offer in-person registration for the next school year on Monday, August 9th, from 11 am to 7 pm for those who need internet or computer access, or who need assistance due to a language barrier. The first day of classes for Sheldon Community Schools students in scheduled for Monday, August 23rd.

At Sheldon Christian School, registration is underway, online, with in-person registration scheduled for this Thursday, August 5th. The first day of classes will be Tuesday, August 24th.

Registration for St. Patrick’s School in Sheldon will be held next Monday through Friday, August 9th through 13th. First day of school for St. Pat’s students in Tuesday, August 24th.

Sibley-Ocheyedan Community Schools have completed registration for the 2021-22 school year, according to the district website. First day of school for Sibley-Ocheyedan students is scheduled for Monday, August 23rd.

Registration has also been completed for students attending Western Christian this fall, with the first day of classes scheduled for Monday, August 23rd.

At the Boyden-Hull Community Schools, registration will be held next week on Tuesday, August 10th and Wednesday, August 11th. The first day of school for Boyden-Hull students will be Tuesday, August 24th.

MOC-Floyd Valley Schools have online registration going on now, with the first day of classes for MOC-FV students scheduled for Monday, August 232rd.

Online registration is underway right now for Unity Christian students. School will start Monday, August 23rd for freshmen and Tuesday, August 24th for the rest of Unity’s student body.

At South O’Brien Community Schools, online registration is underway, but must be completed by August 16th. Classes will start for South O’Brien students on Monday, August 23rd.

At Central Lyon Community Schools registration has been completed and classes will begin on Tuesday, August 24th.

George-Little Rock Community Schools registration for the 2021-22 school year has been completed, with students returning to the classroom on Monday, August 23rd.

Statewide Iowa — The Crop Progress and Conditions Report on Monday showed Iowa’s corn crop is currently rated 62% good to excellent and soybeans are 61%.

The weekly report says Iowa’s corn silking or beyond reached 92%, one day ahead of the 5-year average. Here in northwest Iowa, it’s 91 percent. Corn in or beyond the dough stage reached 42%, four days ahead of average. Around here, it’s 30 percent. Five percent of the Iowa corn crop has reached the dent stage, but only two percent in northwest Iowa. USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey says the national pace of corn doughing is ahead of schedule.

Ninety-three percent of soybeans in Iowa were blooming on August 1st, 9 days ahead of the 5-year average. About 95 percent of northwest Iowa soybeans are that far along. Soybeans setting pods reached 73% statewide, eight days ahead of normal. Seventy-nine percent of northwest Iowa soybeans are setting pods.

In Iowa, the second cutting of alfalfa hay reached 92% complete; 95% here. The third cutting was reported at 22% complete, 1 day ahead of the 5-year average. But 41% of northwest Iowa alfalfa has had the third cutting. Iowa hay condition rated 57% good to excellent. Pasture condition was rated 40% good to excellent.

Conditions are still dry, with less than half of Iowa’s topsoil containing adequate moisture — 49%. Thirty-four percent is rated short, with 16 percent very short. The situation is a little drier up here in our area, with only 38 percent reporting adequate topsoil moisture, 40 percent short, and 22 percent very short.

Some timely rains would be good for both this year’s crop and subsequent years, as a similar picture is being painted in regard to subsoil moisture, with statewide figures showing 39% adequate, 40% short, and 20% very short. Up here, only 18 percent of subsoil moisture is being reported as adequate, with 48% short, and 34% very short.

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Statewide Iowa — You can save some money while shopping this Friday and Saturday during the annual tax-free holiday. Iowa Department of Revenue spokesman, John Fuller, says it was started to help parents shopping for back-to-school items, and is very popular.

He says the savings can add up.

Fuller says you can find out more information on what can and cannot be accepted during the two-day period at the Iowa Department of Revenue website.

The tax-free weekend starts at 12:01 am Friday, August 6th, and runs until 11:59 am on Saturday, August 7th.

Brooklyn, Iowa — The man convicted of murdering Mollie Tibbetts in 2018 as she went for a run in Brooklyn will not get a new trial and is scheduled to be sentenced to life in prison.

Attorneys for Cristhian Bahena Rivera said in July that they’d heard from someone who claimed another man had confessed to the crime. Judge Joel Yates said that confession was significantly at odds with the account Bahena gave during his trial.  Bahena testified two masked men forced him to participate in the crime and it was one of them who killed Tibbetts. At a hearing last month, Bahena’s attorney’s also sought to link Tibbett’s murder to an alleged sex trafficking ring and two other missing person cases.

The judge, in his ruling, said those arguments were not convincing. Bahena’s sentencing is now scheduled for August 30. His first degree murder conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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Boyden, Iowa — The Boyden Fire Department has been kept busy recently. They responded to a house fire early on Thursday, July 29, 2021. Fire Chief Chris Starkenburg tells us they were called back there on Friday morning for smoke coming from the roof. Then, another house was destroyed in a fire in Boyden on Monday, August 2, 2021.

According to Boyden Fire Captain Angie Paulsen, about 9:05 a.m., the Boyden Fire Department was called to the report of a house fire at 605 Pleasant Street in Boyden.

The captain says the fire department saw flames coming from the porch roof and out of a bedroom window as they approached the scene. She says they used an exterior attack with hoses and a deck gun to fight the fire.

Captain Paulsen says no injuries were reported, and the house was vacant at the time of the fire.

The fire department was assisted by Hull and Sheldon firefighters.

She says the cause of the fire is undetermined at this time, and an officer from the State Fire Marshal’s office was investigating on Monday afternoon.

Captain Paulsen reports that the home will be a total loss.

She says the firefighters who responded had the fire under control in about two hours and the firefighters from other communities left at that time. But she says some Boyden firefighters stayed until 2 p.m. completing other tasks.

We also talked to Inwood Fire Chief Troy Van Beek about a small fire last week. He says someone was welding on a combine and sparks got into the elevator of the combine where there are rubber paddles that move the grain, and these started on fire. Van Beek says the damage was minimal, thanks in part to the use of a fire extinguisher by the person who had been doing the welding. He says fire extinguishers are very valuable to help limit the extent of a fire in the early stages just after it gets started. He advises keeping one handy at all times.

Primghar, Iowa — If you have a loved one who is prone to wandering, there is a new service in O’Brien and Sioux counties that can help, and it’s run by the Emergency Management Agencies.

O’Brien County EMA Director Jared Johnson tells us about “Project Lifesaver.”

He gives us some details about the program coming to northwest Iowa.

Johnson tells us how the program is set up right now.

According to Johnson, it’s easy to get your loved one signed up.

Those contact details again are phone: 712-757-4305, and email

Johnson says the program is going well so far.

He says the transmitters that the people wear are very small — about the size of a large watch — and they can be worn on the wrist, similar to a watch, or on the person’s ankle. He tells us they transmit on an FM frequency in the 200 MHz range and responders can pick them up on a receiver (seen in the pictures as a device with a large antenna). He says they start by using an antenna that picks up in a circular pattern around the receiver and then they can switch to a directional antenna to get closer to the person and find them. He says they can also use multiple receivers and triangulate an approximate location of the person as well.

The kit contains a battery tester, and each day the caregiver can test to make sure the unit is working properly.

Again, for more information, contact Johnson at 712-757-4305, or email

Statewide Iowa — When the US Navy submarine that’ll be named after the state of Iowa sets sail for patrol duty in about two years, it will have an important distinction from all previous vessels in the fleet, according to Tom Hudson, executive director of the USS Iowa’s commissioning committee.

Space is at a premium onboard a submarine, Hudson says, with practically every square inch serving a specific purpose. That’s why it’s so monumental for women to have their own space onboard the sub.

The submarine will have a crew of 120 enlisted personnel and 14 officers. Eventually, between 20 and 40-percent of the crew will be female, but Hudson says the premier crew will be more lopsided toward men with perhaps just ten-percent female.

The USS Iowa will be christened in Connecticut in the spring of 2022, but it likely won’t be commissioned and begin patrol duties until the summer of 2023 — an event which Hudson hopes will take place in Los Angeles Harbor beside the previous USS Iowa, the retired battleship.

Photo courtesy of USS Iowa commissioning committee