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Orange City, Iowa — Once again, a K-9 with the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office has done a good job in a contest.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office tells us that Sioux County Deputy Sheriff K-9 handler Justin De Bruin and canine Sonny certified and competed in the yearly United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) Police Dog 1 and tracking certifications.

The certifications included areas of obedience, agilities, suspect search, evidence search, suspect apprehension (with and without gunfire) and tracking. De Bruin and Sonny placed 15th out of 38 total dogs that were competing, receiving a total of 658.82 out of a possible 700 points; they also placed third in the team award.

In the team event, De Bruin and Sonny teamed with Le Mars Police Officer Mark Reed and canine Doc; Plymouth County Sheriff’s Deputy Jake Wingert and canine Gulliver; and Altoona Police Officer Lt. Todd Trobaugh and canine Judge.

Captain Jamie Van Voorst says, “The sheriff’s office is very proud of De Bruin’s dedication to the K-9 program and the hard work that he puts into it is evident through Sonny’s outstanding accomplishments.”

Meanwhile, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office was selected to host the United States Police Canine Association 2020 detector canine trials. They plan to do this in April at Grand Falls Casino near Larchwood. Fundraising is underway. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office needs to raise a minimum of $10,000 for the event and they hope to raise up to $15,000.

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Statewide Iowa — (RI) — An attack on oil production facilities in Saudi Arabia will lead to higher prices at gas pumps in Iowa and elsewhere.

Mark Peterson of Triple-A Iowa says the world’s largest oil facility was hit.

Last weekend, gas prices were around two-dollars-and-40-cents ($2.40) a gallon. Experts predict the price will jump about 25-cents by the end of September. Peterson says how long the higher prices last depends upon how long the Saudi facilities are down.

Wholesale gasoline prices were 15 cents a gallon higher nationwide by midday Monday. President Trump has said he’s prepared to tap U.S. petroleum reserves if oil production in Saudi Arabia doesn’t rebound quickly.

Northwest Iowa — Time is running out if you want to toss your hat in the ring for northwest Iowa school board and city council positions. Some mayors’ seats are also up for election.

Nominating positions may picked up at your County Auditor’s Office right now. A varying number of signatures is required, depending on which position you are filing for. The deadline for submitting nomination papers is 5:00 p.m. this Thursday, September 19th.

The general election is on Tuesday, November 5th. Elections of school board members, community college board members, city council members, mayors, and other questions may all be on your ballot.

This will be the first time that city and school candidates will be on the same ballot. School board of education elections used to be held in September, but a law passed in 2017 requires them to be held in November — on the same day as city elections. The new law will require election officials to prepare more types of ballots because school elections sometimes cover several cities, plus rural areas. Many polling locations will remain the same, but there will be some changes. The Secretary of State says you can check out where to vote by clicking here. If you have questions, you can contact your county auditor’s office. Find that contact information here. Find the County Auditor Directory, select your county, and click “go.”

Absentee ballots will be available by October 7th and are due October 25th. They need to be requested on an official form. You can also vote in person at your auditor’s office, starting October 7th. Call them for more information.

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Sioux Center, Iowa — A northwest Iowa ethanol plant has put their production on “pause” for now, in the wake of a downturn in the market for the corn-based fuel.

President of the Board of Directors for Siouxland Energy Cooperative, Kelly Niewenhuis, tells us it was not an easy decision.

He says all 42 employees at Siouxland Energy are important to them.

Niewenhuis tells us how they ended up here.

He emphasizes that this, for now, is only temporary.

But, according to Niewenhuis, he lays the blame squarely on the Trump administration.

Niewenhuis says farmer organizations and agribusiness companies are glad to go to bat for the farmers, but sheer numbers mean something too, so he encourages all farmers to contact their representatives and even the White House to inform them about the situation when things like this inevitably happen.

He tells us that for now, Siouxland Energy doesn’t plan to accept any corn for this harvest season. However, he says if things turn around, they could have the plant up and running again within a week.

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Orange City, Iowa — The 2020 Orange City Tulip Court will be selected this week.

According to Tulip Festival officials, the 2020 Tulip Court Election will take place this Wednesday, September 18th, 2019.

They tell us that voting for the 2020 Tulip Court will take place from 12 to 8 p.m. at Stadscentrum, located on the corner of Central Avenue and Second Street North in Orange City.

Eligible voters are adults with an Orange City address and 7th through 12th-grade students at MOC-Floyd Valley, Orange City Christian School, and Unity Christian High School.

The 2020 Tulip Court will be announced after 10 a.m. on Thursday, September 19th.

Candidate eligibility and general questions can be directed to the Tulip Festival office at 712-707-4510.

Tulip Court candidates for 2020 are: Tessa Burg, daughter of Doug and Lisa Burg; Megan Bylsma, daughter of Lauren and Melinda Bylsma; Kassandra Diehl, daughter of Todd and Stacy Diehl; Julia Howe, daughter of Sean and Kristyn Howe; Rachel Jorgensen, daughter of Jerry and Dawn Jorgensen; Sydney Krommendyk, daughter of Mike and Lisa Krommendyk; Madisyn Mulder, daughter of Scott and Jill Mulder; Madison Riemersma, daughter of Sherrie Vande Weerd and Cory Riemersma; Delia Rodriguez, daughter of Ines Castro and Jose Rodriguez; Sophie Swart, daughter of John and Mary Swart; Julianna Van Grouw, daughter of Jerry and Melanie Van Grouw; BreElle Van Zee, daughter of Tim and Sara Van Zee; Kayla Vande Zande, daughter of Rev. Mark and Kim Vande Zande; and Aubyn Zwart, daughter of Brad and Shawn Zwart.

Photo courtesy Orange City Tulip Festival

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Statewide Iowa — Governor Kim Reynolds is predicting President Trump will announce new ethanol production guidelines this week.

Reynolds flew to Washington, D.C. late last week for a meeting at the White House to discuss how to increase the federal ethanol production mandate. President Trump in August gave the green light to waivers so 31 oil refineries do not have to blend ethanol into gasoline. Trump has said he had to save those refineries “from certain closing” — but he’s promised a “giant package” will be unveiled to boost corn-based ethanol. Reynolds says she “feels really good” about last week’s White House meeting with Trump and farm-state senators.

The governor says the ethanol waivers granted to the oil industry erased any gains from President Trump’s June announcement that gasoline with a higher 15-percent blend of ethanol could be sold year-round. She says that message has been delivered.

Thus far, the increased numbers of RFS waivers granted to refineries have caused two northwest Iowa ethanol plants to stop production.

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Northwest Iowa — Summer is almost over. In fact, Autumn will officially arrive next Monday, September 23rd.

Our weather forecast calls for unseasonably warm temperatures here in northwest Iowa to finish out summer. Kyle Weisser is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service Office in Sioux Falls, and he explains why we’re experiencing warmer-than-normal temperatures this week.

Weisser says the warm temperatures will, at least for the next few days, be accompanied by some elevated humidity levels.

Autumn officially begins this coming Monday, and we asked Weisser if the temperatures would reflect the change of seasons.

Weisser says that, although this week will be warm, the temperatures won’t be record-setting, which would require highs well into the 90’s, as we approach the end of summer.

Photo Courtesy Radio Iowa

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Rock Valley, Iowa — The National Weather Service says the Rock River at Rock Valley reached its crest Saturday night and the waters began to recede during the late evening hours.

According to the Weather Service, the river crested at 16.79 feet last night before beginning to recede. As of 6:30 Sunday morning the river level had fallen to 16.25 feet, and it had fallen to 15.5 feet by 9:00 am Sunday.

The City of Rock Valley released this updated Flood Report Sunday morning…………………………….

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Statewide Iowa — (RI) — All three state universities are reporting a drop in fall enrollment. Iowa State University spokesperson Laura Doering says they have 33-thousand-391 students on the Ames campus for fall semester.

ISU has tried to manage enrollment after seeing the student population continually setting records.

She says they’ve also seen more and more students getting their degree in four years.

The Ames campus has also seen an impact from a drop in international students.

The state’s unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the country — and Doering says that does make a difference in a student’s decision to transfer from a community college.

University of Iowa Director of Admissions Kirk Kluver says the total enrollment in Iowa City was 31-thousand-240 — a drop of 416.

Kluver says continued enrollment increases can put a strain on resources.

He says the number of transfer students was down slightly — and there was also a drop in international students.

He says he likes the approach they are taking.

The University of Northern Iowa had projected an enrollment drop — and saw 715 fewer students. UNI’s president says they are working on getting the numbers back up.

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Statewide Iowa — A new report concludes Iowa has one of the highest obesity rates in the country. More than 35 percent of Iowans are considered obese, according to a report by the non-profit Trust for America’s Health. That makes Iowa’s obesity rate seventh highest in the nation.

Nadine Gracia is executive vice president for the group that did the study. She says obesity can lead to serious health issues.

Gracia says in Iowa and elsewhere, it’s often hard to find affordable, healthy food and a safe place to exercise.

The national obesity rate is the highest its ever been — about 31 percent — and Iowa’s obesity rate is four percent higher than that. The Trust for America’s Health says obesity is “a growing epidemic” in America and policymakers must take action. The group suggests several steps to address the problem, including new taxes on sugary drinks to try to reduce consumption of high-calorie sodas.