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siouxsheriff2Hospers, Iowa — A Sheldon woman was injured in an accident at Kelly’s Drive Inn on Thursday, September 22nd in Hospers.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that at about 7:08 pm on Thursday, 89-year-old Priscilla Nelson of Sheldon was driving a 2016 Ford Fusion westbound in the parking lot of Kelly’s Drive Inn and Pizza in Hospers. Fifty-nine-year-old Kelly Lux of Orange City was backing a 2005 Dodge Ram in the parking lot. According to the report, Lux struck Nelson.

The Ford received $2,000 damage.

Nelson reported minor injuries and sought medical attention on her own.

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Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon man faces multiple charges, one of them a felony, after an altercation at a rural Sheldon home.
The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that about 5:40 p.m. on Wednesday, their deputies arrested 25-year-old Shaun Arispe of Sheldon on charges of false imprisonment, second degree robbery, two counts of assault, possession of a controlled substance and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended driver’s license.

The Sheriff’s Office says the arrest stemmed from an altercation that occurred in the early morning hours of Tuesday, September 20th, at a home near Sheldon.

Upon further investigation deputies believe that Arispe was involved in a disturbance where he displayed a firearm in a threatening manner and prevented two people from leaving the home for nearly five hours. Deputies believe that during the disturbance, he assaulted the two victims and later took property from their home.

They believe he then allegedly forced the female victim to go with him to his home near Sheldon. They say she was later able to escape unharmed.

The Sheriff’s Office says the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office, Sheldon Police Department, Rock Valley Police Department and the Iowa State Patrol assisted them.

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Orange City, Iowa — The Court will announce a verdict soon in the case of a Matlock man facing two counts of sexual abuse.
Sioux County Courthouse_sva
According to court records, Sioux County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested 30-year-old Daren Thomas Leikvold of Matlock at his home on a warrant on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. Court records indicate that Leikvold is accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old on two separate occasions. The incidents are alleged to have occurred in October of last year, and in January of this year.

A bench trial was held on July 19th and 20th, but no verdict has yet been entered in the case. On July 28th, defense attorney Angela Kayl filed a motion to strike any and all reports, exhibits and testimony from the DCI lab where Amy Pollpeter was employed.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety says Amy Pollpeter, an analyst at the Iowa state crime laboratory, was fired in July for a post on social media, but did not say what the post contained. According to Radio Iowa, the Des Moines Register reported that Pollpeter, in a Facebook post on July 8, lashed out at the Black Lives Matter movement and wrote that, “Because of blacks” she now does notice skin color and “frankly, I no longer feel safe around them.” The post followed the killings of several police officers in Dallas, Texas.

Judge Duane Hoffmeyer has released an order stating that the Court will announce the verdict in the case on Thursday, September 29th at the Sioux County Courthouse in Orange City.

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Sioux Sheriff 84-8 FacebookHull, Iowa — A Missouri man backed a telehandler into a parked car in the parking lot of Western Christian in Hull on Monday, September 19th.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that at about 1:48 pm on Monday, 37-year-old Shelton Dray of Holt, Missouri was backing a 1997 Pettibone Telehandler in the Western Christian parking lot. According to the report, Dray struck an unoccupied 2007 Chevrolet Uplander owned by Direct Digital Control of Sioux Falls, SD.

The Chevrolet received $3,000 damage.

No injuries were reported.

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Northwest Iowa — Employment news has been mixed recently. While our area of northwest Iowa continues to have some of the lowest unemployment in the state, for the third consecutive month, Iowa’s unemployment rate as a whole has increased.
Nearly 73-thousand Iowans were unemployed in August. Officials calculate four-point-two percent of the Iowa workforce was OUT of work last month. Courtney Greene, a spokeswoman for Iowa Workforce Development, says Iowa’s August jobless rate was a tenth-of-a-percent higher than it was in July.

About six-hundred Iowans who work in professional and business services were laid off in August.

There were five-thousand fewer manufacturing jobs in Iowa THIS August compared to August of 2015. Construction, meanwhile, is a booming sector. Last month, more than 91-thousand people were working on construction sites in Iowa. That’s 14-thousand more than in August of last year.

Greene says there been a slight increase in the number of working Iowans.

More than 1,642,000 Iowans were in the workforce in August. Iowa’s unemployment rate remains BELOW the national rate. However, Iowa’s unemployment rate is now eight-tenths of a percent HIGHER than it was a year ago.

In northwest Iowa in August, Lyon and Sioux Counties had the first and second lowest unemployment in the state at 2.3 and 2.4 percent, respectively. That’s up a tenth of a percent in Lyon County from 2.2 percent in July and down two tenths in Sioux County from 2.6 percent in July. O’Brien County’s August unemployment is unchanged from July at 3.0 percent, and Osceola County is up a tenth of a percent from July at 3.1 percent.

When compared with August of last year, unemployment is up in every county in our area. Lyon County is up six tenths from 1.7 percent in August of 2015. Sioux County is up three tenths from a year ago when it was 2.1 percent. Unemployment in both O’Brien and Osceola counties was up a half a percent. O’Brien’s was 2.5 in 2015, and Osceola’s was 2.6.

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Sioux Sheriff 84-8 FacebookMaurice, Iowa — An Orange City teen was injured after his bicycle was hit by a vehicle near Maurice on Monday, September 19th.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that at about 7:43 am on Monday, 17-year-old Gabriel Davis of Maurice was driving a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix eastbound on 470th Street, two miles northeast of Maurice. Seventeen-year-old Joel Postma of Orange City was riding a bicycle eastbound on 470th Street. According to the report, Davis struck the bicycle as he passed causing Postma to lose control of the bicycle and fall to the ground.

The Pontiac received $100 damage.

Postma reported minor injuries and refused further medical attention.

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siouxsheriff2Boyden, Iowa — A Hospers man was injured in an accident after striking a deer with his vehicle on Thursday, September 15th near Boyden.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that at about 7:32 am on Thursday, 52-year-old Edward Miedema of Hospers was driving a 1997 GMC pickup westbound on Highway 18, two miles east of Boyden. According to the report, Miedema struck a deer on the roadway.

The GMC received $3000 damage.

Miedema reported minor injuries and sought medical attention on his own.

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Orange City, Iowa — If you are involved in agriculture to any extent, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and their partners want you to know about a Water Quality Demonstration Day planned for this Monday near Maurice.
manure applicator
The event begins at 12:00 noon at the Maassen Dairy Farm near Maurice. District Conservationist Greg Marek with the NRCS says the issue affects all involved in Iowa’s agriculture. He says Iowa agriculture is under increasing pressure to control nutrient losses in an effort to make water quality improvements. Banding together; producers, equipment dealers, ag retailers, commodity groups, and governmental agencies are diligently working to find new approaches to make these improvements which also enhance the productivity of our working lands, according to Marek.

He asks all those involved in agriculture to join them at this field day to learn what technologies producers are employing to make water quality improvements across the state as part of Iowa’s Water Quality Initiative.

Event Agenda
12:00 pm -Meal/Check-In
12:30 pm: Jeff Knott: Changing nutrient value of hog manure
12:50 pm: Live manure equipment demonstrations
– Chicken Litter Injection Implement from Alabama
– Liquid Manure Applicators
1:40 pm: Manure Application Equipment Calibration- Joel DeJong and Jeff Koops
2:10 pm: Cover Crop Demos
2:30 pm: Aerial Seeding Demonstration
3:00 pm: Open discussion
3:30 pm: Event end

Find more information at

Marek encourages you to attend and, as he puts it, “take part in shaping the future of agriculture in Iowa.”

Click here for a flyer about the event

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Alton, Iowa– A corn crib, a pickup, a grain bin and a propane tank were destroyed in a fire on Thursday, September 15, 2016 near Alton.
Fire Lightbar
According to Alton Fire Chief Quinton Van Es, about 2:45 p.m., the Alton Fire Department was called to the report of barn fire near the home of Doug Andresen near 430th Street and Kennedy Avenue, two miles north of Alton.

The chief says the fire department saw a burning corn crib, which was nearly burned down as they approached the scene. He says a propane tank next to the corn crib had overheated and blew the relief valve, creating a torch-like effect, shooting flame 20 feet or more into the air. He says the flame from the propane tank destroyed one of two 4000-bushel grain bins next to the corn crib. Inside the corn crib was a Chevy pickup, which the chief says was also totaled. He says they started by cooling the propane tank with water, and also sprayed water the other direction at the corn crib. He says when that fire was under control, they could better address the propane tank situation.

Van Es says no injuries were reported.

The fire department was assisted by the Orange City and Hospers Fire Departments and the Orange City Ambulance crew.

He says they suspect that the cause of the fire was a lightning strike to the corn crib.

Chief Van Es says they used 14,000 gallons of water to fight the fire, and while they had most of the fire knocked down in a half hour, crews were on scene for about two hours.

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sioux county sheriff emblemSioux Center, Iowa — A Sioux Center man was injured in an accident during the evening hours of Tuesday, September 13th near Sioux Center.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that at about 6:58 pm on Tuesday, 23-year-old Saul Martinez of Sioux Center was driving a 2000 Ford F-150 southbound on Indian Avenue, three miles northeast of Sioux Center. According to the report, Martinez lost control of the vehicle, entered the east ditch and struck a tree.

The Ford received $6,000 damage.

Martinez reported minor injuries and sought medical attention on his own.